Red Spektor

John Scane
Guitar, Vocals
Rob Farrell
Jonny Esp
Years active: 2012 - present
Genres: Psychedelic blues rock, classic rock, hard rock, stoner rock

Red Spektor, the highly acclaimed psychedelic rock trio.

The band's journey began in late 2012 when they formed Red Spektor. However, it was in 2020, facing the challenge of being a man down, that Jonny Esp joined the group, saving them from a potential downfall.

Describing their music as loud, no-nonsense, and powerful rock, Red Spektor emphasizes delivering their sound authentically, reminiscent of the classic era of valve-driven amps. With a penchant for incorporating jam sessions into their performances, the band seeks to provide a dynamic experience for their audience beyond replicating recorded tracks note-for-note.




2023 Album

Red Spektor

2016 Album

Red Spektor EP

2014 Single

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