Snake Farm

Ray Wylie Hubbard 2006 Single Song from the album Snake Farm


Well the woman I love is named Ramona
She kinda looks like Tempest Storm
And she can dance like little Egypt
She works down at the snake farm

Snake Farm - It just sounds nasty
Snake Farm - Well it pretty much is
Snake Farm - It's a reptile house
Snake Farm ... Uuuggghhhhh

Ramona's got a keen sense of humor
She got a tattoo down her arm
It's of a python eatin' a little mouse
Wearin' a sailor hat that says "Snake Farm"


I asked Ramona how come she works there
She says, "Well, it's got it's charms
"Nothing to do in the winter
"Now and then some kid gets bit at the snake farm"


Well Ramona likes her malt liquor
And a band from Wales that's called The Alarm
She said she cried when they broke up
She still plays their records at the snake farm


Sometimes Ramona calls me up
And says, "Come on down here, it's getting warm"
She runs everybody off
And we ... you know ... it's a snake farm




Written by

Ray Wylie Hubbard


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