Reviews from our Listeners

Philippe (France)

I am listening to you from the city of Montendre (France). I love your radio. Keep it up. Long live rock.

Alain (Canada)

Wow just 1/2 hours I listen to your radio and I'm blow away. Really, you are very good. Cheer. Keep up the good work.

See original version Mikal (United States)

Love this station and thank you TuneIn Radio App for getting me hooked

Roman (Germany)

About two years ago I found Gritty Rock by Chance over Alexa. Since that time I know, that Blues Rock did not die in the early seventies. I have now 64 years, so I grew up with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, early Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green), Ten Years After, Ufo (LP 1 and 2), Allman Brothers... My wife and me have a little shop in Munich and nearly the whole day we hear your station and the best is the feedback from our customers, especially the elder ones of course, that we have the best music in Munich and not this mainstream. So thanks from Bavaria for your great work and go on keeping Rock Blues alive.

See original version Archie K (Kenya)

@GrittyRock serves some awesome rock music. I am hooked.

See original version Erik (Germany)

Greetings from Germany! Gritty Rock Radio, you are my Favorite radio station since several months! You are great, thank you!

See original version Andrew (United States)

Listening in the Texas Hill Country from that little ole city of Kerrville TX. Love It!!!

Tom (United States)

Had I not signed up for the ATW fan page on Facebook, I'm not sure I would have found your station, as I really hate surfing for good music. But posts there led me here, and I'm so super happy it did. I've been on a weird musical journey over the last 5 years or so, and this Gritty Rock Radio has been such the perfect landing spot. It feels so comfortable. It's already been added as a favorite on Tunie-In for the car. I love recommending your station.

See original version Michael (Germany)

Listening to GRR every day in my shop in Bielefeld/Germany. You guys save every single day.

See original version Gus (Australia)

Best on the net, by a longshot.

See original version Dany (Czech Republic)

I love Gritty Rock! For me best radio in the world!

See original version Neil (England)

A consistently great station playing great music.

See original version The Bonnevilles (Northern Ireland)

Give this station listen. They really do play a great selection of songs and they are massive supporters of us. Go get some inspiration.

See original version Nick

@GrittyRock Where have you been all my life?

See original version Henry's Funeral Shoe (Wales)

If you want to discover some brilliant new music then we recommend this great radio station! Fantastic songs 24/7! Don’t lose the rhythm!

Ken (United States)

I hear a lot of great music on your station. I should mention that your station has effectively changed my life forever, as I see it now. Love it.

Luis (Spain)

Hey guys, many thanks for this great música, keep rockin. Great surprise hearing Guadalupe Plata

Philippe (France)

Thank you for your exceptional playlists with pure blues / rock / country accents!

Robert (France)

The radio I'm listening to right now. It's blues-rock the American way. It's powerful.

See original version Chicken Diamond (France)

Cool radio for alternative blues, blues-rock, country... fans!

Leandro (Brazil)

The search is finally over. I found a good radio with good music, mixing new to classic in a perfect balance.

See original version François-Xavier (France)

Finally a radio which respects the music announced in its name ... Very nice programming and without advertising. Really pleasant to listen to. I highly recommend this radio for all people who love rock and blues. Good listening to all.

See original version Christiane (Canada)

I love Gritty Rock! Thanks to this station, I realize that rock music is more alive than ever and that there are still lots of great songs coming out every year. I am blown away by the quality of today's rock artists that Gritty Rock helped me to discover. These artists are as talented and creative as those of the past. Thank you to the Gritty Rock team and to the artists played on this radio station.

See original version Michael (United States)

Gritty Rock Radio ROCKS!! since the beginning of the 21st century i have searched for a radio station i could listen to all day without feeling the need to turn the knob, so to speak, after a couple of good tunes. I found one. Gritty Rock all day long without a need to switch stations....Great job Jerome I knew there was a reason I always liked Canadians...they know how to Rock!

See original version Marc (Canada)

To all those who are tired of always hearing the same thing on the radios. A big OUffff. Rock-Blues-Country rock, They have crazy music. It changes ideas in these difficult times.

See original version Jenna (England)

OMG! It's as if Gritty Rock Radio was *made* for me. This is the absolute nuts. Tune after tune of Blues and Country rock. I am in my friggen' element over here

See original version Mudlow (England)

If you like Mudlow, You should probably be listening to @GrittyRock radio. There’s tons of great non-stop music played over there....

Ally (Scotland)

Check this out as well Alan. Some quality stuff on here. Been listening the last couple of hours. Saved on my Sonos now.

See original version David (United States)

It’s good to have a station that plays good tunes unlike all the rest! The best I’ve heard keep up the good work!!

See original version BluesMen Channel

Excellent Radio "GrittyRockRadio", Closely related in subject to the "BluesMen Channel" Officially Recommended

See original version Vivian (United States)

Friends, Follow them! They know Great Music!! And they are Playing it on the air! Noble Idea!! Thanks!

See original version Ray Wylie (United States)

Now this is the way radio is supposed to be.. actually, the way the world is supposed to be. my faith has been restored.

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